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It All Began on a Philadelphia Street Corner at the age of 11…


Daniel DiZio, left, and Len Lehman

Daniel DiZio’s mother insisted on giving him his $7 allowance, even after she found the drawers under his twin bed overflowing with crumpled dollar bills. And even after she found out that at 14, her son was making more money than she was. more

The CBS Show Undercover Boss Featured our Founder…

Daniel DiZio, left, and Len Lehman

I thought that because I was a founder of the company, and that I had twisted pretzels, that I would never forget all that,” he told AOL Jobs. “You don’t want to become that CEO that’s out of touch. But I lost perspective… more

Pretzels are the Holy Grail of Food to Philadelphians…

City of Philadelphia, Dept of Records

Philadelphia has made its way into similar culinary fame, not only for cheese steaks and water ice (characteristically known as “wudder ice” by the locals), but also for the delicious, chewy, salty, “get-em just about everywhere in Philly,” soft twisted pretzels… more